By Ryan Price

Catch-23 frames are special.

What sets them apart is that each and every frame is crafted entirely, from start to finish, in my workshop. Wood is selected, ripped, planed, joined, sanded, stained and finished all by me and all by hand. The result is a frame that is as individual as the artwork it is meant to protect and enhance.

For 20 years I have worked at providing clean, classic museum style framing for anyone with an eye and a passion for detail. A particular specialty is finding unique solutions for difficult to frame images and objects. Offering friendly, honest and professional service and advice, I pride myself in building frames that will house my clients’ precious pieces for their own lifetimes and for generations to come.

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A great image by Gary Taxali. Framed with a rather lovely piece of maple, dyed and stained.

Client wanted a frame that would really enhance this super-fun print by the artist SHAG. Milling the frame stock at unusual angles plays with his retro style.

Some beautiful curly birch’s grain really comes through in this classic frame that I built for one of my own drypoint prints.

Love the unusual grain of this cherry frame that I built for an old (and unused!) marketing poster for the studio.

A client brought in this print by the incredible artist Cybele Young. A real challenge as the artist built a wheel into the print enabling one to spin it and change the image. A hidden door in the frame and fence allows discrete access to the piece while protecting and showing it off.

Another retro piece, this one by Ryan Heshka. Layers of sanded and ‘worked’ paint makes for a frame that subtly reflects the nature of the artwork.

Adding some small detailing and beading gives this 2 part (maple and cherry) frame a look more in line with this mid century landscape by the artist W.G. Roberts, while still looking modern and fresh.

Unusual shapes are no problem! This old portage sign was actually found on a beaver dam! Nice to make it presentable in a solid maple, ebony stained frame.

Works in process. I’m able to offer fairly deep discounts for artists needing to frame shows while still maintaining high quality work that potential clients will see and appreciate.

U.V. blocking glass protects this incredible piece of history brought in by a client. I used magnets and hinged the front of the frame so that the paper is still intact and accessible when wanted.

A beautiful natural walnut seemed a perfect fit for this lovely encaustic by the artist Elske DeGroot.

Workshop photo of a frame holding multiple Greg Denton portrait paintings. A large frame with acrylic plexiglass and a specialised cleat hanging system. Larger pieces are no problem!

Waste not want not. I’m always using up small leftover bits of stock to make wee frames. Always have lots on hand. Great for small photos, parts of photos or your kids’ (smaller) artworks.